Our Company

At JK Adams, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is this belief that drives us to create the highest quality, hand-crafted products for cooking and entertaining. It is our job to give you the tools to make cooking and entertaining easy and fun. J.K. Adams was founded on December 31, 1944. Times have changed but we are proud to say that our values have not. We remain committed to producing high-quality kitchen and housewares products by hand from North American hardwoods in Dorset, Vermont. We are a second-generation family-owned business with employees that have been with us for years and who are proud of the products we produce together.

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Jessi Kerner, JK Adams Employee
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Rooted in nature, crafted for home

We collaborate with designers to domestically manufacture products that serve our clients’ needs.

Our products primarily promote entertaining and personal connections through food and drink. We continue to invest in our environment, community, employees, and shareholders. We will continually work to prove that well-run companies with committed and customer focused employees can grow and prosper by producing high quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner in the United States.

Our customers' passion for food and entertaining is what drives us to develop new and innovative products.

Our Community & Environment

We believe that businesses should do as much for their community and environment as they do for their customers. J.K. Adams has a responsibility to be a good employer, a productive member of the local and global community and a responsible steward of the natural resources that we use to craft our products. We do this by:

  • Employing people locally and providing opportunities for them to grow with us.
  • Working only with supply partners who are committed to sustainable forest management and practices.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint whenever we can.
  • Supporting local charities and community events.
  • Partnering with other companies that share our values.