JK Adams is #ForestProud

Forests are the backbone of our approach toward climate solutions. With proper forest management, we can deliver on carbon sequestration and sustain our forest economies. The forest industry is essential to the rural economy, and Vermont stands out with its commitment to good business and sustainable forest management. By implementing good practices in our forest economy, we are benefitting not only ourselves, but wildlife, the air we breathe, and our waterways.

  • Vermont is the 4th most forested state in the U.S. with 4.5 million acres of forest covering 76% of the state.

  • The volume of trees is increasing. Net growth exceeds the harvest annually by a ratio of over 2:1.

  • Wood heat is a locally sourced, renewable source of energy and part of reaching 90% renewable energy in Vermont by 2050.

  • 80 cents of every wood heat dollar stays in Vermont versus 22% of fossil fuel dollars.

  • These industries support more than 13,800 jobs and contribute $2.1 billion to the Vermont economy annually.

  • Forest based recreation adds another 10,000 jobs and $1.9 billion to the Vermont economy.

Proud member of our local community