American made since 1944.

Guaranteed for life.

At JK Adams, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is this belief that drives us to create the highest quality, hand-crafted wood products for cooking and entertaining.

Times have changed but we are proud to say that our values have not. We remain committed to producing high-quality products from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods in Dorset, Vermont. We’re a second-generation family-owned business with employees that have been with us for decades—and who are proud of the products we produce together.

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Black and white historical photo of JK Adams factory
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Crafting quality, American made home and entertaining products.

We believe in the functionality of every board, bowl and serving piece that bears the JK Adams name. Our products should withstand the test of time and will become heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation. Disposable is not in our vocabulary. This level of commitment to design and craftsmanship is what allows us to stand behind all of our products with a lifetime guarantee.

All of the wood species we bring in are sustainably forested, harvested, and processed. We are committed to fair labor and sustainable product chain standards. All material is harvested in North America, further limiting our carbon impact in the supply chain.

Man working in JK Adams factory
Man working in JK Adams factory
Man working in JK Adams factory

People + planet

Committed to sustainable business, we source hardwood from North American forests and manufacture all of our products in Dorset, Vermont. More than 50 pairs of hands touch each cutting board before it arrives in your kitchen–from local loggers and sawmill owners, to our factory-employees here in Dorset. 

Zero-waste since before the term was coined, every piece of wood that comes into our factory is put to good use. Anything that can’t be made into something beautiful and functional for your kitchen is either used as biofuel to heat our facility, or sold as sawdust to local farms who use it for animal bedding.

As an employer, member of the local and global community, and a responsible steward of the forest, we are committed to supporting rural economies and healthy forests. These values are evident in every product we make, the longevity of our employees, and the many community events we host, including the winter farmer’s market.

Sustainability is a way of life here in the Green Mountain State. While the products we make change with the times, our quality, commitment to the planet and care for our people remain the same.

We also provide custom manufacturing

Interested in creating your own product with us? We have a design and manufacturing team ready to turn your napkin drawing or CAD ready file into life. We’re proud to offer custom manufacturing services to a myriad of customers. Let’s turn your vision into a reality. Reach out today to hear about our low minimum order quantities, and quick turnaround. American made as always, with a commitment to sustainable practices.

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