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Blake Hill Basil & Blueberry Shrub

Blake Hill Basil & Blueberry Shrub

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The Basil and Blueberry Shrub is an US Good Food Award Winner in 2022 and 2021! This amazing elixir is created by harvesting fresh organic basil, from Honey Field Farm, that is then infused with apple cider vinegar. The infusion is a two-step hot and cold process to extract the herbal essence of the basil. This infusion is then paired with blueberry. This shrub is perfect for mixing in cocktails, mocktails, dressings and even baking.


Ingredients-Organic basil infused apple cider vinegar (fresh organic basil, apple cider vinegar), cane sugar, blueberry juice, lemon juice

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  • 16oz
  • Made
    in Vermont.

Care + Use

after opening.

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