July 20, 2018 • Jessi Kerner

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America's Test Kitchen's "Best Carving Board"

July 20, 2018 Jessi Kerner

From a wide field of competitors here in their latest review of the category, America’s Test Kitchen has declared the JK Adams Maple Reversible Carving Board “best carving board on the market” time and time again. Sister publication Cook’s Illustrated has also rated it best multiple times. In their words: “None could best our old favorite. Its reversible design boasts a flat side suited to slicing roasts and an indented side with a poultry-shaped well to hold chicken and turkey snugly in place. Both sides allow for neat, even slicing without interference, and each sports a spacious trench that holds an ample 1/2 cup of liquid. It’s also durable, handsome, and easy to clean and one of the least expensive boards in our lineup. This is one case where simpler really is better.”