April 03, 2018 • Jessi Kerner

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Long Live The Snack Dinner!

April 03, 2018 Jessi Kerner

You know those nights when you just don’t want to cook?

(For some of you, that may be most nights. So think of those nights when you really REALLY don’t want to cook.)

Those are the perfect nights for a Snack Dinner.

The Snack Dinner is simply MORE food–and more filling food. But it’s just as simple and just as fuss-free.

A word about fanciness: You’ll see some snack boards on Pinterest that are studded with edible flowers and exotic fruit artfully cut into shapes. That’s all well and good, but the whole point of a Snack Dinner is to be LOW-EFFORT. So you won’t see edible flowers on my Snack Dinner boards, just an assortment of foods I know my family will reliably eat. Your family may eat more food than this. Your family may eat different foods than these. You do your Snack Dinner thing, I’ll do mine, neither of us will turn on the oven or light a stove burner, and we’ll all be happy.

Real Mom Nutrition Snack on JK Adams Board

Snack Dinners are also fun for kids. They can be eaten at the kitchen island, off the coffee table while everyone gathers for a game or show on TV (yes, it’s okay to eat in front of the tube every once in a while!), outside on the patio, or on the floor for a living room picnic. There are no pots and pans, no stack of dishes to wash, and no greasy take-out containers to toss.


I love putting these easy spreads on a beautiful wooden serving board from J.K. Adams, the family-owned company that makes boards by hand in Vermont using North American hardwoods. J.K. Adams makes these beautiful Royalton cutting boards, plus a wide array of carving boards and trays, wine and pot racks, rolling pins, and kitchen accessories.

By Sally Kuzemchak, Real Mom Nutrition. Sally Kuzemchak is the writer, dietitian and "real mom" who publishes the blog Real Mom Nutrition. She is a contributor to Eating Well, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents, Prevention, Self, Family Circle, and is the author of the Cooking Light cookbook for busy families called Dinnertime Survival Guide. This post was originally published on realmomnutrition.com.