January 26, 2022 • Jessi Kerner

Vintage Vermont Marble

January 26, 2022 Jessi Kerner

Marble quarrying has been an active and prestigious part of Vermont's history since 1785. The first marble quarry in the United States was started in our hometown of Dorset, Vermont. A few miles north in Danby, Vermont, sits the largest underground quarry in the world that reaches 1 ½ miles into Dorset Mountain. This quarry is still actively extracting up to 4,000 square feet of slabs daily, that are used to create stunning pieces of architecture, sculpture and of course countertops and tiles. The marble that comes out of the Danby Quarry is white with variations of shades of grey. When many think of marble what they picture is this iconic marble that is comes from Danby. JK Adams in our town of Dorset, is on the opposite side of Dorset Mountain from Danby.

The stunning Danby Marble and earlier Dorset Marble have been used to create some of our country's most beloved national monuments--including the Supreme Court, Jefferson Memorial, NY Public Library and Arlington National Cemetery. Today a large portion of marble is sent to Europe for restoration of cherished historical structures. In the fall of 2021, we discovered a marble honey hole, so to speak. A friend of JK Adams reached out to us and asked us to meet them at an old store in Danby, Vermont. This store had been closed for approximately 30 years. As any Vermonter would do, we pulled on our boots, grabbed a flashlight, and went out looking to go on an adventure. When our friend opened the door, we stepped back in time and discovered shelves displayed with beautiful marble pieces that had just been waiting...

Marble Wine Chiller in White

We discovered an amazing assortment of marble products for your kitchen and home. There were rolling pins, pastry boards, wine chillers, bowls, and coasters to name just a few. This old store front and the shopkeeper's home were stocked full of marble housewares. These products were all made from iconic Vermont marble in the classic Danby white, rich green, and deep black marble of Central Vermont. The marble had all been quarried in Vermont and sent overseas in the 70's and 80's to create these beautiful and functional pieces for your home. JK Adams is proud to offer this incredible assortment of vintage Vermont marble to our customers.

By Jessi Kerner and Sean Osborne. Jessi Kerner and Sean Osborne are employees of JK Adams. On a fall Vermont day, they went on an adventure to meet up with an old friend and discovered a place lost in time that was filled with gorgeous Vintage Vermont marble pieces.