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Navy Child's Rolling Pin

Navy Child's Rolling Pin

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This child's rolling pin boasts navy painted handles, perfect for little hands to grip and roll out endless culinary creations. Made with quality materials, this rolling pin is a durable and practical addition to any budding baker's kitchen tools. Elevate your child's baking skills with this charming and functional rolling pin.  A great option for crafts including play dough and clay.



  • 112" x 7" barrel (1412" overall).
  • USA Manufactured.
  • Sustainably Harvested North American Hardwood.
  • Finished lightly in beeswax.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

Care + Use

Wood is an incredible natural material that expands and contracts with moisture and humidity. Regular regimented care of this product will protect it for years to come. Handwash with warm, soapy water after each use and dry thoroughly with a towel. Never soak or submerge in water, run in a dishwasher, or use in a microwave. Apply JK Adams Mineral Oil and / or Beeswax Wood Conditioner once a week, with a lint free cloth, to all surfaces-including edges and ends-until the finish is established, and at any time the rolling pin feels dry. If at any time the grain of your product becomes raised-causing a rough feeling-a light buffing in the affected area with 200 grit sandpaper will smooth the finish. Reapply JK Adams wood conditioner after this process.

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100% Quality Guarantee

Our products should withstand the test of time and become kitchen heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation. Disposable is not in our vocabulary. This level of commitment to design and craftsmanship is what allows us to stand behind our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

"Disposable isn’t in our vocabulary."