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Master Carver's Gift Set

Master Carver's Gift Set-24" x 16"

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Our Master Carver's Gift Set-XL includes our exclusive 24" x 16" JK Adams Maple Reversible Carving Board and Messermeister's two-piece, German-steel Carving Set – just what you need to carve and serve the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, roast chicken, leg of lamb, rib roast and more. Rated "Best Carving Board" several years running by America's Test Kitchen (see the video), our reversible carving board is made of North American hard rock maple. One side has a contoured well to keep your poultry or roast securely in place while carving. The reverse side has a flat carving surface, perfect for carving brisket, steaks, filet or crown roast. Both sides have a generous juice groove that holds up to ½ cup of flavorful juices while keeping your counter or table clean while carving. The two-piece Carving Set consists of an 8" double bolstered, pointed carving and slicing knife and a full 7" heavyweight bolstered fork. Crafted from high quality German steel, the knife is super-sharp, rust resistant, holds its edge and easy to re-sharpen. The handle is made from beautiful Pakkawood, which is water resistant, durable and comfortable in the hand. The forged bolster provides balance and heft. The curved blade allows you to follow the contours meat on the bone to get a precise slice, while the kullens (oval hollows on the blade) reduce drag and keep food from sticking to the blade. Give the gift of our Meat Carver's Set and you will be sure to score an invite to the next big meal!



  • 24"
    x 16" x 1 1/4"
  • JK Adams Maple Reversible
    Carving Board (24" x 16")
  • Board Manufactured in
  • Messermeister
    Carving Set-Fork and Knife (Imported).

Care + Use

This board has a lifetime guarantee, but please be sure to take good care:
Wash gently with warm, soapy water after each use. Do not soak your board in
water or put in dishwasher. Towel dry your board after washing, and allow it
to air dry thoroughly. Condition your board regularly with JK Adams Mineral
Oil or Beeswax Wood Conditioner. Do not use your board in microwave. Lifetime
Guarantee. No questions asked. Our products come to you with a 100%
satisfaction guarantee. If you ever any problems with a JK Adams product, we
will replace it.

BBQ Sauce:
Refrigerate after opening.

Dishwasher safe.

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Why Wood?

In contrast to plastic, composite, or even glass cutting boards, wood is a natural and renewable material that is innately anti-microbial. Wood is able to naturally dry, and further kill bacteria, while other materials can harbor and encourage bacterial growth.

"Disposable isn’t in our vocabulary."